‘Benchmarks & Revenue Projections’

More content-more advertisers

By end of 2rd year, we anticipate ten million ‘plus’ weekly visitors,

compounded semi-annually


-Something for Everyone-

Please give this invitation as an equity investor in QuickTip.com a serious look. It is a functioning beta stage growing intellectual property, and it could well be another big winner in your investment portfolio; its value, likely a billion-dollar valuation in just a few short years, your potential ROI being exponential.

What is Quicktip you ask? A place of connectivity, knowledge, edification and inspiration. It is a central terminal or portal in the Social Metaverse where everyone can come and learn together in community!

We are seeking a total of fifteen million five hundred ($15.5 Million US) dollars in investor equity funding, the minimum equity investment is Two hundred fifty thousand ($250K) US dollars, this being our "A round" for venture capital. As such, at the end of the three years, we will achieve the one billion dollars plus valuation mark in the subsequent IPO. The founders and investors have invested over four years and millions of dollars to date. Presently, our burn rate is Thirty-five thousand ($35K) dollars (US) per month. The present established value of QuickTip.com/club is One hundred fifty five million ($155,000,000 (US) dollars, this represents the average amount offered by different suitors to purchase the property, our response was QuickTip.com is not for sale. There are still pending potential equity investors, (10% equity).


In our present active beta status, we have morphed into an open content data and informational base providing incredibly different and varying subjects of interest to everyone. It will never be done, as it will continue to grow exponentially for both in visitors and our massive advertising platform. 


The QuickTip.com, (or .club) funding is for marketing, promotion, the QT app and completion of our augmented reality ‘cross platform’ VR apps compatible with VR headsets, phones with virtual realization technology and wearable devices making us truly cross compatible; and community moderation for anyone from our Social Metaverse project, thus allowing creators from every sphere of life to share and develop through our in-development QuickTip cross platform virtual (VR) library, which is massive and unending, its debut in early 2023. QuickTip's Social Metaverse will soon become a place of escape for millions to enjoy stories or find inspiration in exploring and creating virtual worlds.


Quicktip.com is poised to be one of the most prolific and that of a household name in the next 24-36 months in the United States and will eventually expand worldwide along with venture funding, due to its vast topic, information and the next level of community involvement and our extraordinary VR library. QuickTip.com will become a billion-dollar property in the next 3 years and with an exponential ROI as we continually transfer everything over from Web 2 to our Web 3 Blockchain Hosted Domains and Virtual Library Hosted on Cross Platform Devices ranging from Microsoft’s Xbox to Sony Playstation and the Meta Oculus Quest 2, and wearable technology apps and d(class)apps

Our founders, management and developers provide their passion -- their focus on serving a large, unmet market need with an outstanding team and disruptive innovation, all ripe with ambition, vision, confidence and humility in our commitment to growing this intellectual property. Quicktip.com is going to become a nationwide household name within the next two years.


QT Business Plan:

QuickTip.com is useful for every home, every place of learning and every place of business. An 'everybody' website. It provides for an exponential amount of content and information growth, as well as an in-design of never-ending goods and services advertising platform, providing for extreme potential for revenue. Initially, we will reduce our advertiser revenue somewhat, allowing advertisers the opportunity to see its potential for them for the first four (4) months. The vast majority of our income from investors and revenue will be spent on promotion marketing and continuous updating.


As to its value to investors, our plan is an IPO in three or four years. We have no doubt that our targeted Fortune 500 advertisers will benefit greatly from their exposure on QuickTip.com, to include the hundreds and hundreds of those providing goods and services nationwide. As well the general public enjoying all of its information, all complementing each other, thus creating interest and the sale of goods and services. Their participation will gain them new customers and we will gain more visitors and revenue. At present, advertisers are signing on with us daily.

Currently, We are in BETA as we are developing our Virtual Library which allows the community to become creators and publish their own worlds inside the books of the Library. Creators will be able to Profit off of the proceeds they earn selling virtual items as well as opening up Virtual marketplace stores creating Jobs, Opportunities, and More!

“The people are pieces of software called avatars. They are the audiovisual bodies that people use to communicate with each other in the metaverse."
Neal Stephenson, Author.


QT Website and App Model


QuickTip.com is a continuously refining site, a "something for everyone" information multi-source content provider, along with an extreme variety of subjects as well as being educational. It is interesting and packed with animation, information, fun, amusing and provides for an incredible advertiser’s pairing ‘dream’ platform. (https://www.quickTip.com/, see developmental new prototype welcome page at http://www.quickTip.club. Its future is packed with growth and there is no end to it. A case in point in the past two months we have had tens of  thousands of viewers on Facebook and have come to the realization that QT's potential is incredible, as it presents not only a 2.0 internet site filled with information and animation, but now that of 3.0 and beyond; also providing to those looking at the upcoming Metaverse, with all its possible trimmings, and our QuickTip.com virtual world filled with portals leading to a huge amount of content, virtual reality and 3D. This includes our incredible library early next year of which many additions we are actively engaged in developing.

Quicktip, presently in Beta develoment stage which shows the massive content and potential. We will be in Alpha by June 2023. We are a something for everyone as a ever evolving community platform that caters to every demographic with useful Hints, Tips, Information, Gaming, News, Article Content, Inspirational Media,
Social Media Communities and More with four years and millions of dollars invested to date so.

Quicktip's ever growing, never ending platform will produce unlimted growth with no forseeable end as we endeavor to integrate with the latest and greatest technology as we evolve.

QT ADA Compliance

Someting for everyone, Every article from the Children and Careers to the Cooking, Home Improvement, Seniors and everything in between including Speech technology (Voice Over) with an easy to use interface for
every age group creating an ADA Compliant Atmosphere.

As of late, part of our current funding round budget will be allocated to Sign Language Interfaces and Closed Caption Services for our Hearing Impaired Community.

QT Key partnerships

Something for everyone, we will seek partnerships with advertisers and thus an exponential opportunity for growth for all parties who will benefit from this relationship. We grow, they grow.



QT Key activities

QuickTip.com provides a method of pairing ads. We strongly believe that providing this type of format will vastly enhance our growth; also providing more exposure for our advertisers’ goods and services cost. All will provide for a competitive advantage. Our strategic partners will immediately see that our advertising and content pairing will be of advantage to everyone.


QT Key resources

Promotion execution and content excitement are our leap seed; a format that is new via marketing and promotion. The potential advertiser is provided a new concept in pairing their product and/or service with their ads and sponsoring articles within our content, throughout the QuickTip.com site with our already continuous and growing content. Our advertisers will come from everywhere and every line of goods and services. Simply visiting the printed media, internet, television and cell phones, should one doubt the potential. Observe the extreme amount of those advertisers vying to sell you their goods and services, especially that of big pharma. They have little choice but to jump on the QuickTip.com bandwagon and all will benefit from their presence.




QT Value- Proposition

The intellectual property QuickTip LLC is privately owned and the Co-Founders have invested millions to date. We believe after almost five years of developing this beta property, viewing any form or type of competition, of which there is nothing comparable, and none with our unique advertising platform that provides for the value that QuickTip.com brings to the market. We are confident that its potential is a one-billion-dollar company in just a few years, with the prospect of an almost certain IPO in latter part of three years. Plan on it; this could be the most successful general community/public sector content website entrant in 2022-2024. We look forward to your participation as an equity investor. A
t present, the established value of QuickTip.com (or .club) is $155,000,000 Million dollars US, the average amount offered by five different suitors, of which as well as two potential equity investors from outside of the US, (Asia & the Middle East) of which, we declined their offers and involvement.


Our upcoming on-line visitor relationships will provide for their interest in information and/or seeking products, as well an opportunity to seek our providers of goods and services in a very compelling format.

The ease of use in unique pairing of the visitors needs and interests with that of advertisers option to immediately catch the attention of the shopper and convenience of information and the ability for advertisers to provide via their product(s) a link to their website and possibly that of an on-line infomercial.


QT Customer segments

QuickTip.com is a something for everyone site providing a path to answers, education, knowledge, solutions and so much more. Our channel of operations is to provide visitors with a huge content of interesting information that goes hand-in-hand with the advertiser’s platform paired with their products and services throughout the site. In December 2021, we founded our sister social sites such as (Facebook, Uhive, Linkedin, Exc.) to see how the public would react and it has received phenomenal positive results in the 691,000+ views, shares, likes comments and subscribers with many who are utilizing the QuickTip.com website every day. We are not just a website, we are an end all that does not end.


Cost structure

After the "A funding" shown below is the three (3) year QuickTip.com expense projection. We will use minimal in-house staff, thus utilizing contractors for additional content and promotional advertising providers such as Bing, Google, Facebook and Yahoo, as well as marketing & promotional specialists. We expect revenue for further continued expansion to be supplemented by additional advertisers after 18 months.

On-going content development, graphics, posting and constant updating: $1.250,000/yr.

Administrative: Management-Legal-Accounting $650,000/yr.

Support: host/tele/util/acct/cloud/equipment/rent, support, etc $985,000/yr.

Promotion/Marketing: $1,360,000.00/yr.                                                                           

Direct tele sales team: 3 in-house or subcontract: $425,000/yr.

Household name*-nationwide hype: $500,000/yr.

               Total: $5.170,000.00 cost per year.

Total: $15,510,000.00 cost for three (3) years to include continuing development, marketing, management and promotional costs.

Total:      $15,510,000.00


Revenue Projection

Our income/revenue stream is from advertising space pairing which the site is designed to accommodate exponential growth. Income will be nil the first six months. Thereafter, in viewing stats of slightly similar sites, as an example; the closest being Yelp.com, Dictionary.com and Pinterest. Each much different in format and product, as we have no product at this juncture, we really differ. With promotion execution QuickTip.com will climb quickly into the ranks of hundred of thousands of viewers/visitors and advertisers; each complementing one another. We expect that each page on the site will accommodate, at the minimum, 10-20 advertisers within the first eighteen (18) months and compound thereafter. There presently eighty (80) plus pages with each ad yielding an average of eighty-five ($85) dollars per month, excluding CTR's, banner ads, NFT's, tokens and  Metaverse Virtual Economy Income, welcome page and page sponsor ads providing more.

At the end of the second year, the annual income will be at a minimum three million one hundred thousand ($258K a month plus) dollars (US). Please visit https://www.quicktip.com/advertise.htm for more detail of potential derived income source.



Get excited, we certainly are. The potential of QuickTip.com is extraordinary - grow with us.



Sometimes you come across something that has incredible potential, this is one you want be part of. Forbes



QuickTip LLC

Gary T. Petler, Co-Founder



PO Box 3082 – Fredericksburg, Texas 78624-1914 - (830) 456-1672 - info@quicktip.com