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*Table content Sponsor at top of page- flat rate charge is $425.00 per month (6 month minimum). Includes your logo or ad (interactive) link to your site.



Rates are subject to change without prior notification.

Pre-paid 6 month minimum 'for all ads'

Discounts available.


Large  Avg. 180X728 = $575.00 Month.

Medium Sidebar Avg. 250X250 = $375.00 Month.

Small Sidebar Avg. 125X225 = $185.00 Month

All Ads contain a link to advertiserís web site

Infomercial - Interactive-Audio Video available

Typical Ad cost 'pixels plus or minus'.

100X50 pixels = $50.00 PER MONTH MINIMUM
101X150 pixels = $75.00 PER MONTH
125X75 pixels = $95.00 PER MONTH
151X199 pixels = $129.00 PER MONTH
200X200 pixels =  $139.00 PER MONTH
399X201 pixels = $160.00 PER MONTH

Welcome Page $1250.00 month per ad. Max.400x600 Pixels each. 2 location ads.

$95.00 per month for your ad and associated product/service reference within table content, which
includes a link to your website. (One "1" year minimum) Includes up to two (maximum) references in table.

All sponsors or advertisers are required to submit their own art work.

$0.30 of every of Revenue dollar received is re-invested in promoting QuickTip.com


                                   -Sample sizes of Boxes for your Advertisement-


468X60 pixels/ $160.00 Mo.)

                                          (249X89 pixels/$139.00 Mo.)

(246X73 pixels/$139.00 Mo.)

 (234X85 pixels/$139.00 Mo.)

(100 X50 pixels/$50.00 Min Mo.)

(199X70 pixels/$139.00 Mo.)






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